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KEK Supercomputer System


High Energy Accelerator Research Organization (KEK) runs supercomputer system.

Current system is composed of two main computation servers, System-A: Hitachi SR16000 model M1 and System-B: IBM Blue Gene/Q, with other equipments as disk storage more than 1PB.



5,6 April 2012, Course of system will be held. (in Japanese)

♦ 1 April 2012, System-B started service.

♦ 1 March 2012, System-A started service at KEK.

♦ 1 Spetempber 2011, System-A started service at the data center.

Announce of the test operation of new system [5 Jul 2011]

♦ Running of supercomputer system finished on 31 Jan 2011.



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System-A System-B

System-A : Hitachi SR16000 model-M1 (left) in service from 1 Sep 2011, and System-B : IBM Blue Gene/Q (right-image) in service from 1 Apr 2012.


Email: scconsult-a@sc.kek.jp

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